"There are only 2 ways to create income... People at work, and Money at Work."

Handy Links

Financial Calculators


Several handy calculators, including loan/mortgage payments, home budgeting, insurance needs, paying off credit cards early, and more.

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Personal Financial Concepts


Saving for college or retirement, IRA types, figuring insurance needs, wealth strategies, charitable trusts, odds of dying at various ages, estate planning, and more.

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Business Strategies


Explore concepts that can help improve your business bottom line, such as employee benefits, business continuation planning, executive benefit planning.

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Financial Worksheets


Use these forms to keep up with things like bank and investment accounts, household budgets, insurance policies, even funeral instructions.  Some to download, others you can request by email from me.

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Free Life Guides


Get helpful information on everything from dealing with divorce, marriage and money, planning retirement, estate planning, managing an inheritance, and lots more!  Some you can download, others request from me by email.

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A wide selection of quotes an articles from people like Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and many more.  "Mental Vitamins" to help you get through each day.  Enjoy!

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Additional Guides and News You Can Use!

If you are still interested in more information, including Financial Calculators, Life Guides, Financial Insights for personal and business applications, Inspiration, and more!..... just click on the button below.  That will take you to an additional 1 page section that I created that shows links to lots of resources that can help you plan financially, and just dealing with life in general!  Check it out!

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Find a professional advisor

NAIFA member locator

To find a member of my professional association, the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), just click HERE.  Enter your zip code there, and see a list of available members in your area.  Or, enter a name to see if your agent is a member.

NAIFA was founded in 1890 as the National Association of Life Underwriters, and the local Memphis chapter began operations in 1910.

NAIFA members may specialize in various areas of financial security planning, and you can narrow your search by specialty on the linked website.

NAIFA members are required to adhere to the association Code of Ethics, which can be found HERE.


My Blog

Here I will try to post discussions of issues dealing with financial security planning, and perhaps other topics of interest.