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C. Wayne McCullough, LUTCF

"Insured Paychecks?... what do you mean?"

What is your most valuable financial asset?

Think about that for a moment...  For most of us, it is NOT our home, our 401k, investments, jewelry, cars, or even money in the bank.  It's much more basic than that.

It is simply our ABILITY TO EARN A LIVING.

Why do I say that?  If you lost all of your other assets, and they were NOT insured, but you retained the ability to earn, couldn't you start again tomorrow replacing the things you lost?  

But close your eyes for a moment, and imagine losing the ability to bring home an income.  That ability can be taken away from you by death, disability, or even retirement.

So, that is why I named my website "Insured Paychecks".  I have focused my insurance practice on helping people insure their most valuable financial asset...their income.

And I've been doing that for over 40 years using quality life insurance, disability income, and retirement products from various insurance carriers.  

Please review the various sections of my website for helpful information related to your financial security issues.  Thank you for visiting, and please let me know if I can answer any questions.  To find out more about me, visit my "About Us" section (click HERE to go there now).

C. Wayne McCullough, LUTCF
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To listen to a podcast on financial security matters, click the link.  This podcast is sponsored by RealWealth Media and NAIFA (National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors), my professional association.  There is a different financial subject every month.  Hope you enjoy, and find the information helpful.

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